Promoting exhibitions, projects and events online and offline with campaigns, teasers and animation.


To promote the exhibition „Tiepolo. The Best Painter of Venice“ at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, we produced a cinema spot and online trailer.

Micro Era

To promote the exhibition „Micro Era. Media Art from China“ we produced a cinema spot and online trailer.

El Siglo de Oro

To promote the exhibition “El Siglo de Oro. Die Ära Velázquez” at Gemäldegalerie, we produced a cinema spot and online trailer starring Daniel Brühl as a museum security guard and Marleen Lohse as an exhibition visitor.

die maschine steht still

Additionally to a series of interview and lecture clips for Futurium, we also produced a trailer for the Lecture Performance „the machine stops“ („die maschine steht still“) with Johanna Wokalek and Fabian Russ, based on the story of british writer E. M. Forster from 1909.


Die unbekannte Sammlung

To promote the exhibition “Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – Die unbekannte Sammlung” at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart we produced a camapgne including several animation clips.


To promote the exhibition “Wanderlust – Von Caspar David Friedrich bis Auguste Renoir” at Alte Nationalgalerie we produced several animation clips, interviews and an exhibition film.

40 Jahre. 40 Werke

To celebrate the 40th birthday of Verein der Freunde der Nationalgalerie we developed and produced a 40-part interview series, which focuses on 40 significant acquisitions from 1977 to 2017.

Eduardo Chillida – Architekt der Leere

To promote the retrospective of one of the most significant Spanish sculptors Eduardo Chillida we produced an exhibition trailer and several instagram clips, visiting Chilidas birthplace in San Sebastian and interviewing his son Ignacio Chillida.

Client: Museum Wiesbaden

The Botticelli Renaissance

For the exhibition “The Botticelli Renaissance” at Gemäldegalerie, we created a five part trailer series starring actors from Maxim Gorky theatre. Each spot refers to one of Botticelli’s masterpieces, transferring it into a contemporary Berlin surrounding.

Pergamon Poems

In order to promote the exhibition “Pergamon Panorama” at Pergamonmuseum, we created the “Pergamon Poems” campaign. In a five part trailer series actors from Schaubühne Berlin recite original poems by German poet Gerhard Falkner. Additionally to the series we produced a cinema spot and the films were also released on DVD in Gerhard Falkners same-titled poetry book “Pergamon Poems”, published by kookbooks.

STAGES – Episoden des Lebens

To promote the upcoming exhibition “Stages – Episoden des Lebens” at Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt we produced an online trailer.